Do a Charity Skydive in aid of: Irish Deaf

Supporting the Deaf Community

Irish (IDC) was established in 2003 to provide the community support to Deaf organisations, enabling Deaf and hard of hearing people to be involved with the Deaf community activities. This prevents an isolation risk, which empowers the Deaf and hard of hearing to run their own community.

To Order Your Skydive 4 Charity Sponsorship Card/s In Aid Of:
Irish Deaf

  • Pay your Deposit on our Sign Up page
  • Or Phone us on: 045-895696 and we will take your details.
  • Or Download An Application Form, fill it out and post it to us.

Each Sponsorship Card ordered requires a non-refundable registration fee of €25.00. It helps combat fraud and deters those who may not really have the conviction to complete the fundraising for their chosen charity.

Groups Welcome

While we fully recognise and appreciate your assistance in fundraising and completing a Skydive 4 Charity experience in Aid of Irish Deaf, neither Skydive 4 Charity nor Irish Deaf can accept any responsibility for any injuries however caused.