Do a Charity Skydive in aid of: Friends of Animals

Registered Charity Number: 7096

Friends of Animals (FOA) in Mullingar was founded in April 1995, by Mary Chundee and her husband in response to an urgent local need for somewhere to bring distressed animals and birds - from domestic, farm or wild situations.

Friends of Animals opened there shelter on 1 acre, with little more than a handful of caring people, who were willing to help. A few communal houses were built for them by Stephen, assisted by family and friends. They have rescued and rehabilitated almost 4,700 animals, mostly dogs, since and have been instrumental in assisting local gardai prosecute three cruelty cases. When involved with injured wild animals we usually seek specialist advice from other groups. Mary is at her wits end looking for fundraising and donations to keep her good work going out there and if nothing is done soon she has no alternative but to refuse to take in new unwanted dogs and eventually to close down her centre. All the work and bills are done and paid for by Mary and her husband off their own back and out of their own pocket!!!

Guys we REALLY need as much help as possible, and at the end of the day "every little helps, no matter how big or how small."

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Friends of Animals

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Each Sponsorship Card ordered requires a non-refundable registration fee of €25.00. It helps combat fraud and deters those who may not really have the conviction to complete the fundraising for their chosen charity.

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While we fully recognise and appreciate your assistance in fundraising and completing a Skydive 4 Charity experience in Aid of Friends of Animals, neither Skydive 4 Charity nor Friends of Animals can accept any responsibility for any injuries however caused.